Trulia® is a vibrant home shopping marketplace, focused on giving home buyers, sellers and renters the information they need to make better decisions about where to live. On mobile and Web, Trulia provides house hunters with insights and unique information about properties, neighborhoods and real estate agents. Additionally, Trulia offers data and information about schools, crimes, commute times and the real estate market.

Trulia offers 15 mobile apps across multiple platforms, including dedicated apps for renters, mortgage seekers and agents.

Launched in 2005, Trulia is based in San Francisco and is owned and operated by Zillow Group.Trulia_DeviceProductImage_408x816

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Trulia Design Panel to Provide Homeowners and Renters with Home Décor Advice

Expert design group kicks off with insights and tips on how to capture their distinct hometown styles of Miami, Nashville, Austin and San Clemente.

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TRULIA: Starter Homebuyers Should Start House Hunting Now

Starter-home Inventory Peaks in the Fall, While Listing Prices Hit a Low Point in the Winter

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Trulia: Falling Inventory Has Led To Hurried Homebuying

Falling Inventory is Pushing Homes off the Market at Record Pace

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