Equity & Belonging

Data Transparency

We recognize that the first step in creating a more equitable workplace is to understand where we are on the journey. We also recognize that our work is far from complete — there will never be a “mission accomplished.”

Each year, we strive to increase transparency around our employee demographics and pay equity data. We also do rigorous gender compensation analysis twice per year to ensure employees doing similar work receive equitable compensation.

Gender at Zillow Group

Women currently make up 42% of Zillow Group’s total workforce and 22% of its Board of Directors.

Current as of August 2019

Ethnicity at Zillow

1,000+ employees participated in one of Zillow Group’s eight affinity networks, which are employee-led groups designed to help support daily practice of inclusion, equity, and belonging.

Current as of August 2019

Gender Pay Equity

On average, women at Zillow Group earn $1.01 for every dollar a man makes in a comparable role, with similar experience.

Current as of August 2019