API Portal Introduction


Zillow Group rentals APIs are built to enable specific integrations with your or your customers’ listings on Zillow Group sites. The base domain for all the API calls is: https://rentalsapi.zillowgroup.com, access is managed through API keys and oauth tokens, and responses and errors will be in JSON format.


Use Cases

Our APIs can be used directly by any Rentals customer to pull data into their own systems. They can also be used by partner companies that have mutual customers and would like to use Zillow Group data within their own application for mutual Zillow Group customers. If you are a partner company that is interested in pulling Zillow Group data for mutual customers, please send us an email to rentalfeeds@zillow.com.


APIs Available

Zillow Group rentals has the following APIs available for our customers and partners to use:

  1. Listings API – Get a list of your Zillow Group listings
  2. Tour Scheduling API – Have tour requests from prospects booked directly into your CRM
  3. Reviews API – Get reviews on your Zillow Group listings and submit responses