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On “Voices of Wall Street,” Zillow Group President Jeremy Wacksman Discusses Q4 Earnings, Millennial Home-Shoppers, and SNL’s Viral Zillow Sketch

On February 12, Zillow Group President Jeremy Wacksman was interviewed by Axios reporter Dion Rabouin on “Voices of Wall Street,” a video-podcast aimed at millennial and younger audiences. 

On the heels of Zillow’s fourth-quarter and full-year earnings report, showing consolidated revenue grew 22% in calendar year 2020, Wacksman put the results in context of other moves the company made during the “roller-coaster” of a year.

“We were able to come out of the pandemic thriving while also moving the company to a cloud headquarters — to a distributed workforce,” Wacksman said. “Most of our employees will only be in the office part-time or remote, and the offices and our location footprint will spread U.S.-wide. It’ll give us an amazing opportunity to attract and retain talent..and grow Zillow Group.”

Wacksman also spoke about the impact that millennials are having on the real estate market, and the digital shopping tools — and seamless experiences — they expect. Of course, Wacksman also offered his perspective on the recent Saturday Night Live sketch about Zillow-surfing. 

“It really hits at this cultural moment that I think Zillow-surfing is having,” Wacksman explained. “And I think the skit worked so well, and we laughed at it so much, because there’s really a truth in it, that this is becoming our pastime more and more. We’re seeing that in our traffic. We’re seeing record traffic to our website…and in transactions at all-time highs.”

Zillow reported 9.6 billion visits to mobile apps and websites over the course of 2020 — 1.5 billion more than in 2019. 

To watch the full interview, visit “Voices of Wall Street’s YouTube page here.

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