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Zillow Group Launches Redesigned IR Website with Interactive Analyst Center

Zillow Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned investor relations website. The IR section of Zillow Group’s website has been completely overhauled to provide investors with more robust information and simplified navigation.

Link to the IR website: http://investors.zillowgroup.com/

The most transformative addition to the IR website is the addition of an Interactive Analyst Center (IAC). The IAC enhances Zillow Group’s IR website by presenting the company’s historical financial data and performance metrics in easy to use online and downloadable spreadsheets, as well as charting capabilities.

Zillow Group encourages visitors to stay up to date with company developments by signing up for email alerts for news releases, SEC filings, blog posts, events and more. A link to the email alerts registration page can be found in the footer of the IR website.

“We hope that visitors to the investor relations website find value in the changes we have made and will continue to return for Zillow Group’s updates,” said RJ Jones, Vice President of Investor & Corporate Relations. “Our goal is to regularly enhance the IR website, establishing it as the go-to resource for investors researching the company, while also making it easier to find important information.”

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