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Zillow Group May 2019 IR Roundup

“It’s incredibly pleasing to see how well the whole of the Zillow Group team is performing to enable such rapid growth on our new bets. Zillow Offers is growing so quickly because it is standing on the shoulders of a huge real estate shopping audience anchored by the Zestimate that has been built up over 14 years. And it is supported by profits from the Premier Agent marketplace that have made us look more courageous than we really are as we invent the future.” – Rich Barton, Zillow Group Co-Founder & CEO, First Quarter 2019 Financial Results Conference Call

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Zillow Group in the News
Zillow Sees a Future in House Flipping (Wall Street Journal)
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Zillow shares pop as homebuying drives upbeat outlook (Financial Times)
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Zillow CEO Rich Barton wants to build ‘Microsoft Office for real estate’ by adding title, escrow and possibly moving services (GeekWire)
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Investors Flip For Zillow (Wall Street Journal)

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