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Zillow Group President Jeremy Wacksman Discusses the Future of the Housing Market, Real Estate Transactions with Fifth Wall

Zillow Group President Jeremy Wacksman recently spoke with Brendan Wallace, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of real estate venture capital firm Fifth Wall for their “Fly on the Wall” interview series about current trends in real estate.

Wacksman discussed the residential real estate market’s resilience in the midst of the current public health and economic crisis, noting the pandemic has helped catalyze a “Great Reshuffling” in housing by causing many people to reconsider what they want – and need – from home. 

“COVID has really compressed years of thought and acceleration and change into months, in some cases, and I don’t think that’s any different for real estate,” Wacksman said in the interview. “It’s made everyone rethink what home is.”

Wacksman pointed to customers’ rapidly increasing adoption of virtual technologies, such as 3D home tours and digital closing services, as part of the accelerating evolution of the home buying process. “Once a customer uses those tools, it becomes an expectation going forward.” 

He explained the growing demand for digital tools within real estate only stands to accelerate Zillow’s efforts to deliver a truly integrated, seamless real estate transaction for customers. 

To watch the full interview, visit Fifth Wall. 

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