It’s a Snap! Take and Upload Home Photos With Zillow iPhone, iPad Apps

We’ve all done it — strolled through an open house and taken our own photos to peruse through later, helping to jog our memory about that cozy library or sunken ceiling that didn’t make the final listing photos cut. If you’ve done this enough though, you’re often left with a jumble of photos on your phone that belong to who knows what house.

New to the Zillow iPhone and Zillow iPad apps, you now can take photos of your favorite homes while on-location, touring the homes. While viewing a home’s listing page on Zillow, use your device’s camera, or upload an image from your photo library, and have it instantly added to the property’s photo gallery. Similar to saving a note, adding photos will automatically save the property to your Favorite Homes list, are private (i.e., can only be viewed by the user while logged into a Zillow account) and will be deleted should the home be removed from your Favorite Homes list.

Paired with adding notes, this is another way we’re helping house hunters and real estate professionals customize and organize their real estate experience. We’re always looking for ways to make Zillow Real Estate Apps more useful. Download the Zillow iPhone or iPad app and let us know what you think of this new feature, or other tools that would make your home shopping easier. Don’t have an iPhone or iPad? Zillow Mobile includes a suite of 13 apps, available across all major platforms. Check out the full lineup here!

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