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Creating a Seamless Home Showing Experience with ShowingTime

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Improving the Scheduling Process

ShowingTime, a leader in home touring technology, has streamlined the process of seamlessly scheduling and booking confirmed home showings online. The company has a rich, 20-year history of partnering with MLSs, brokers and agents to help improve the home-shopping experience.

Touring a home is a key moment in a buyer’s journey — when dreaming starts to become reality. It’s also a signal to sellers that a buyer is getting serious about their home. Unfortunately, even today, the process of coordinating schedules of buyers, buyers’ agents, sellers’ agents, sellers, and sometimes tenants means that a qualified buyer may not see every home that interests her.

Zillow believes that, together with ShowingTime, we can further streamline the real estate journey.

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Our Commitment to You

We respect ShowingTime’s place in the real estate ecosystem, and want to underscore Zillow Group’s commitment to ensuring that everyone — ShowingTime partners and clients, as well as Zillow Group’s customers and partners — can continue to benefit from ShowingTime’s industry-leading technology.

ShowingTime will maintain its existing data privacy policies and continue to operate as an open platform for all participants in the real estate industry, many of whom already use other industry offerings from Zillow, such as dotloop, Bridge Interactive and 3D Home.

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A Word from ShowingTime

“We’re thrilled to be joining Zillow Group at such a pivotal moment in real estate, as customer expectations for a seamless, tech-enabled experience are rising,” says Michael Lane, President of ShowingTime. “The ShowingTime technology serves nearly a million real estate professionals, and we look forward to sharing our technology solutions to even more customers, enabling a truly seamless real estate transaction that is efficient and simple.”

“Today’s announcement further underscores our commitment to helping

all agents and brokers deliver customer experiences that are exceptional.

Errol Samuelson, Chief Industry Development Officer


We invite you to find out more in the Q&A below, and hope that you’ll reach out to your Industry Development Representative to learn more. 

Why did Zillow sign an agreement to acquire ShowingTime?

We believe that by reducing the friction and complexity around scheduling showings, we can help streamline the real estate journey and drive more transactions — something that benefits the entire industry. Zillow shoppers who request tours are high-intent buyers, and ShowingTime’s service gives agents a more seamless tour experience. 

Touring is one of the most important steps in the home-shopping and -selling journey, and ShowingTime’s technology has streamlined and dramatically improved the touring experience. We will continue to invest in ShowingTime, and we expect to grow ShowingTime’s engagement through all channels to ensure touring is easier for the industry and consumers. 

ShowingTime’s technology helped facilitate more than 50 million showings industry-wide in 2020. This acquisition reflects Zillow Group’s commitment to helping buyers, sellers and industry partners by providing better service and a more streamlined experience.

How do showings via ShowingTime work now, and how will Zillow Group’s acquisition of ShowingTime improve the process?

ShowingTime coordinates schedules behind the scenes so agents can seamlessly book a confirmed home showing online and focus on their clients, not on coordinating a complicated process. In 2020, the company facilitated more than 50 million showings industry-wide. Agents can add showing availability through the network, enabling interested buyers and their agents to schedule home tours with the click of a button. ShowingTime will remain an open platform available to all industry participants, and we expect to grow ShowingTime’s engagement to ensure touring is easier for the industry and consumers.

Do you have to be a Zillow Premier Agent to use ShowingTime moving forward? 

No. ShowingTime will continue to operate as an open platform for its existing and new partners, many of whom already use other industry offerings from Zillow Group, such as dotloop, 3D Home, and Bridge Interactive. And Zillow will continue to honor all existing agreements that ShowingTime has in place.

Is this another step towards Zillow becoming a national MLS?

No. Our goal is to continue fostering and growing strong relationships with MLSs across North America. One way we do this is by providing services and tools to help MLSs, brokers, agents and customers.

What is ShowingTime’s relationship with MLSs, and how will that impact Zillow Group’s MLS integration? 

ShowingTime has developed relationships with hundreds of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs). This acquisition underscores Zillow Group’s commitment to bring best-in-class solutions to MLSs and the marketplace they help create and manage. We look forward to working closely with ShowingTime’s clients, many of whom already use other offerings from Zillow Group, such as dotloop, 3D Home and Bridge Interactive, and ensuring MLSs and their members continue to benefit from an improved showing process.

How will you maintain data security?

Security is a top priority for both Zillow Group and ShowingTime. ShowingTime will maintain its existing data privacy policies. We have robust processes to secure the data of our customers, many of whom already use other offerings from Zillow Group, such as dotloop, 3D Home and Bridge Interactive.