Agent Reviews

How to Use the Reviews API

You can use the reviews APIs to manage reviews on your Zillow Group listings.  The reviews API allows you to get notified when a new review is created by a prospect, get all prospect reviews in bulk and respond to those reviews.

If you would like to use Zillow Reviews, you will need to create an account on the Bridge Interactive Platform and request access to the Zillow Agent Reviews API ( )

Once logged in, it is quick and easy to apply

(API Access > Request Data Access > Zillow Group Datasets > Agree to the Zillow Data Terms of Use > Locate Zillow Agent Reviews > Click Apply.)

Your access tokens can also be found on your Bridge Dashboard under Data Access > API Access Tokens.

At this time, the Review API is self serve and we are unable to assist with implementation questions, however, you can review documentation around this API here

Documentation URL
Authentication Model API Key
Architectural Style Web Service
Supported Request Formats URI Query String
Supported Response Formats JSON
Agreement Type Terms of Use, Branding Requirements