Rentals Feed Integrations

If you are a property management company or a property management system and wish to syndicate listing data to the Zillow® Rental Network, you can send us listing data through our free automated feed program. You can upload multiple property photos, virtual tours, and pricing and availability data.

There is no cost to participate in the program. However, you must submit a request to integrate and receive approval from our Rentals Integrations team before beginning work on a feed. Once approved, we will meet with your developer or project manager to discuss our feed testing process. We will syndicate all of your eligible listings to the Zillow® Rental Network once testing is complete and your feed has been moved to production.

Creating a feed XML file requires creating one that conforms to our Rental Listings Feed Guide (link). We will also accept MITS format (link).

Real-time Syndication is available as an additional layer (link).

The feed testing process typically takes 4-6 weeks. We must test with your production data before putting the feed live on our platform.

Once you have read the specifications, you can submit a request to integrate through our intake form HERE.