The Best of Zillow Halloween 2014

From the "Tough Blooder" to the headless butler, Zillow saw it all!

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Halloween happens once a year, but at Zillow it’s months in the making. From elaborate costumes to cubicle decorations and photo shoots — every office shows off their style. Here’s a look at some highlights from this year’s celebrations.


Seattle 19
Cruella and the headless butler went all-out with their costumes. Source: Adam Cohn
Seattle 1
The (ad) operations team had the most blood on their hands. Source: Adam Cohn
Seattle 12
The marketing Waldos blended in with the crowd. Source: Adam Cohn
Seattle 16
The Digs team gave Bob Ross a run for his money. Painting mountains has never been easier! Source: Adam Cohn


Lincoln 6
Lincoln took party games to new heights with life-size dominoes. Source: Jenna Oestmann
Lincoln 5
They also added a little patriotic flair to the mix. Source: Jenna Oestmann

San Francisco

SF 8
It was a fairy tale for some in San Francisco. Source: Iren Lyon
SF 7
Others “beared” down for a little work before the fun. Source: Iren Lyon


OC 4
First came Irvine’s Cat in the Hat. Then, out of the box came Thing Two and Thing One! Source: Joanna Khachikian
OC 1
Irvine also grilled up some In-N-Out burgers. Source: Joanna Khachikian
OC 3
The not-so-secret service got the presidential seal of approval. Source: Joanna Khachikian

 New York

NY 2
Zillowites may have conquered the Tough Mudder, but the New York office was forced to endure the Tough Blooder. Source: Hanja Enyeart
NY 6
They called in the professionals to handle this crime scene. Source: Hanja Enyeart

Want to join the festivities? Check out our jobs page. We have several openings!