Lender Profile: National Bank of Kansas City

Zillow has teamed up with the Top Rated Lenders on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace to present the "Pay My Mortgage Sweepstakes."

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 Zillow Lender Spotlight: National Bank of Kansas City

Zillow has teamed up with the Top Rated Lenders on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace to present the “Pay My Mortgage Sweepstakes.” With only one week remaining, Zillow users are invited to enter to win $25,000 cash to pay their mortgage!

This week, we’re talking to one of Zillow’s Top Rated Lenders, National Bank of Kansas City. With more than 2,200 customer reviews and an outstanding rating of 4.9 stars, National Bank of Kansas City has demonstrated its dedication to the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace community for over four years. We spoke with Sales Manager Dan Stevens about assisting veterans, attention to detail and “paying it forward.”

Zillow: You’ve been a Top Rated Lender on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace for over four years. What qualities set your company apart and encourage clients to want to partner with you?

Stevens: We put a heavy emphasis on offering clients the complete package — great rates, great service and great follow-through. Having all three components is a rarity these days. It is also one of the reasons a significant portion of our previous Zillow Mortgage Marketplace clients have come back and refinanced with us, sometimes multiple times, since their original purchase.

Zillow: Taking the time to read ratings and reviews can be a valuable tool when selecting a mortgage provider. How have reviews influenced the way your company approaches client partnerships?

Stevens: We place a heavy emphasis on the reviews we receive within Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, taking the time to build on-going relationships with each of the clients we partner with. Recently, the wife of a deployed solider contacted us after securing a loan for their first home. Her husband had suffered a traumatic brain injury, and she was overwhelmed with the added medical expenses and bills they now faced. We worked around the clock to provide her with the information and resources she would need to be able to successfully relocate the family for better disability care with a mortgage package that fit their needs. Our employees were so touched by her emotional review, we wanted to do more. This Christmas, we were honored to be able to raise $500 as a gift to help add to the joy of their holiday season.

Zillow: Looking over your reviews on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace, it seems that many of your clients appear to have a strong connection to the military. How can a veteran use the resources provided to them to find the best rate and service combination for their family?

Stevens: In 2012, we were ranked No. 15 in the country in overall VA loan volume. It is an ongoing goal for us to be able to provide loans for our country’s heroes whether they are active, retired or a veteran. If you are eligible for veterans’ assistance, it is important to find a service provider who has the experience to ensure your details are handled right.

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