Zillow and Housing Connector: Getting people home

Since 2019, Zillow and Housing Connector have worked together to help get more people home and into affordable housing.

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Housing Connector works with property owners to list vacant units on Zillow’s rental platform. In turn, Housing Connector’s community partners, which provide case management for those experiencing homelessness, are able to easily search for housing inventory earmarked for their clients and place them in available properties. 

By putting a search function for affordable housing at the fingertips of case managers, we are making it easier for people who are without safe and stable housing to find a home.

Properties that partner with Housing Connector agree to adjust or waive criteria (credit, rental history, etc.) that can often be a barrier for people experiencing homelessness in their search for a home. Once a client is matched to an available and affordable home, Housing Connector provides them with two years of guaranteed housing stability support. In exchange, property owners receive access to financial and mitigation support. 

Thousands of people experiencing homelessness have been helped by this partnership.  It’s also proven to be cost-effective. Placing a household experiencing homelessness in a Housing Connector property is 90% less expensive than it would be to place such a household in an emergency shelter. 

With more and more housing providers joining Housing Connector, we are opening doors that would have otherwise remained closed to people experiencing homelessness. 

If you are interested in working with Zillow and Housing Connector, please email us.

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