Why Zillow Group acquired Follow Up Boss

A note for real estate teams and agents

Updated Dec. 8, 2023: The original version of this blog post announced Zillow Group had entered into an agreement to acquire Follow Up Boss. This post was updated following the close of the acquisition.

At Zillow Group, we’re laser-focused on improving — demystifying, streamlining and de-stressing — the experience of buying and selling a home. This commitment is at the heart of everything we do, and we do it arm-in-arm with real estate professionals on the front lines with buyers and sellers. We’re excited to announce an investment that will enable agents to better serve customers and grow their businesses: Zillow Group has acquired Follow Up Boss, one of real estate’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

We know Follow Up Boss is beloved by teams and agents, providing a central hub to stay organized and engage customers, close deals and grow teams. As part of Zillow Group, Follow Up Boss will be able to invest further in new products and features to help agents supercharge their businesses to exceed the needs of today’s home buyers and sellers. 

Important notes:

  • Follow Up Boss remains an independent brand, and will continue serving its client base across the industry, regardless of whether those clients engage with other Zillow Group platforms. 
  • Zillow Group continues to support third-party CRM integrations on the Zillow Premier Agent app, giving agents the option to work in their CRM of choice and avoid duplicate data entry. 
  • Follow Up Boss also continues to support its vast ecosystem of third-party integration partners, enabling agents to keep using their preferred systems seamlessly.
  • Security and customer data privacy are a top priority for both Zillow Group and Follow Up Boss, and both companies have robust processes to secure customer data. The customer data that Follow Up Boss subscribers enter into the system is theirs, just as it always has been, and stays within Follow Up Boss — Zillow Group won’t be able to use it unless the Follow Up Boss subscriber gives permission. In addition, Follow Up Boss is working with a third-party validator to ensure that customer data stays safe and protected. That third party has issued a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 3 verification — a public report assuring the effectiveness of Follow Up Boss’ internal security controls — and will continue to do so regularly. 

“When ShowingTime was acquired by Zillow Group, everyone was concerned about the potential for changes in how we serve our clients. Two years later, we are still providing the same great service — only now, we have the power of Zillow Group behind us and our clients.”

Mike Lane, VP of Enterprise Sales and Industry, ShowingTime+

We’re energized by the opportunity ahead with Follow Up Boss joining Zillow Group. Our investment in the future growth of Follow Up Boss will, in turn, help to fuel the growth and success of our industry, giving real estate teams and agents powerful new tools and services to build their businesses and help more people buy and sell.

The Follow Up Boss team

Still have questions? We have answers!

Q: Is Follow Up Boss still serving its same clients?  

A: Yes! Follow Up Boss continues to serve the clients it had pre-acquisition, whether they work with Zillow Group in other capacities or not. The same experience clients have enjoyed with Follow Up Boss continues. We’re really excited to invest in the future growth of this platform for agents across the industry. 

Q: Is Follow Up Boss now available only to Zillow Premier Agent partners?

A: No. Follow Up Boss is beloved by many agents, including many Zillow Premier Agent partners, and the company continues working with agents across the industry. 

Q: How will the Follow Up Boss software improve the Zillow Premier Agent experience? 

A: Approximately 100,000 users, including agents and teams across the industry, use Follow Up Boss as a CRM because a robust CRM helps them organize and engage customers, close deals and build teams. We believe Follow Up Boss does this incredibly well in support of their clients. Zillow Group’s investment in Follow Up Boss will accelerate product development, helping agents who leverage the product to be more productive and close more deals. We’re also excited to work toward Follow Up Boss being able to use Zillow Group data to help agents provide home shoppers with relevant insights at the right time in their homebuying journey. (Follow Up Boss products, on the other hand, will not share customer data with Zillow Group unless the agent gives permission.)

Q: Are Follow Up Boss services now free to Premier Agent partners or ShowingTime+ clients? 

A: No. These services are separate, so Zillow Premier Agent partners and ShowingTime+ clients who leverage Follow Up Boss will continue paying through their existing plan and pricing model. 

Q: Is Follow Up Boss replacing the Zillow Premier Agent app?

A: No. Follow Up Boss does not replace the Zillow Premier Agent app because the Premier Agent app is not intended to be a full-featured CRM. The Premier Agent web and mobile tools will continue to support core contact and pipeline management in the same way they did before, and will integrate with both Follow Up Boss and other third-party systems. 

Q: What’s new for agents and teams who use both Follow Up Boss and the Zillow Premier Agent app?

A: The existing integration between the Premier Agent app and Follow Up Boss has been very successful. Zillow Premier Agent teams who use Follow Up Boss and enable the Z-Connect integration close 29% more Zillow-sourced deals than other Premier Agent teams. We are excited to build on this strong foundation with even deeper integrations that deliver greater value to Zillow Group’s customers and partner agents.

Q: As an agent, what will happen to my existing relationship with Follow Up Boss? 

A: Follow Up Boss clients will enjoy the same experience they had before. Follow Up Boss remains an independent brand and continues serving its existing client base across the industry with a focus on driving agent and team success. The leadership team continues with the same level of oversight and autonomy that drove success through the years. By partnering with Zillow Group, Follow Up Boss will now be able to innovate technology faster, take advantage of more advanced marketing tools, and supercharge the experience for agents leveraging Follow Up Boss as their CRM solution. 

Q: I’m not currently a Follow Up Boss client. Can I become one?

A: Yes! Follow Up Boss remains an independent brand and standalone product serving clients across the industry. If you are looking for a CRM to help manage your business, Follow Up Boss can help you be more productive and close more deals.