Zillow Launches First TV Advertising Campaign for Zillow Offers

In 2006, Zillow was founded with a dream of making buying and selling home radically easier. We started by empowering consumers with information such as the Zestimate, for-sale and for-rent listings and then easily connected them with real estate professionals. At the time this was the most significant innovation in real estate in decades.

Since then, not much has changed in real estate. But many other every-day transactions and services in our lives have been transformed; where they all have gotten considerably easier. With the press of a button, people can hail a car or order groceries, yet the process of buying and selling a home is still a challenge. Whether it’s securing a mortgage or timing the sale of an existing home with the purchase of a new one, real estate remains overwhelming. Many would-be buyers, sellers and renters who want a new home just don’t even bother because the moving  process is simply too daunting. They want to experience magic at the touch of a button and buy, sell and rent homes online.

Real estate is ready for another transformation.

This is why we launched Zillow Offers last year, letting homeowners request a quick, no-obligation cash offer from Zillow to buy their home. We want to help homeowners sell their home with certainty and predictability, so they can get into a new home they love faster, without the stress of prepping, showing and finding a buyer for their current home.

We’ve been overwhelmed with the demand from homeowners across the country. We receive one seller request every five minutes — that’s about $100 million in demand value per day. In three to five years we expect to be purchasing as much as 5,000 homes per month, generating $20 billion in revenue.

Our service is currently available in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte, Raleigh and Houston. By fall 2019 we’ll be active in Miami, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Nashville, Orlando and Portland.

As part of our efforts to show consumers throughout the country the convenient, less stressful experience Zillow Offers delivers, we’re excited to announce our first-ever TV ads for the program. You can check out the new commercials below, or on Zillow’s YouTube channel here.

People love the control and convenience of Zillow Offers. And on-demand offers is just the start. What if we could offer on-demand mortgages? On-demand showings? On-demand cross-country moves? On-demand rental applications, and on-demand payments. This is the direction we are headed and we’re excited to lead the way.



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