Zillow’s Latest Ad: A Cinematic Debut

Our new "Lake House" TV spot made its television debut during the Oscars telecast on Sunday.

New beginnings sometimes bloom from bittersweet ground, and new homes can blend long-held dreams with the promise of memories yet to be made. It seems right that Zillow’s latest TV spot plumbs this rich, cinematic territory, as its television debut took place during the 87th Academy Awards telecast Sunday night on ABC.

Lake House” is the newest member of the “Find Your Way Home” family of TV spots, including “Family Search” and “What If.” It tells the story of a modern home search, which is not just words typed, but a point on a map that is touched and circled and shared. The ad was directed by filmmaker and cinematographer Jeff Preiss and is set to the song “Atlas Hands” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

“Searching for your next home is not a solo experience. We crave the emotional support of others throughout the process, whether they are in the next room, in the next state or in another country,” says Amy Bohutinsky, Zillow Group chief marketing officer. “‘Lake House’ showcases how using Zillow makes collaborating with others extremely simple, so you can focus all your attention on finding the right home.”