About Us

Our Services

Our technology platform connects buyers, sellers and renters with the people and services they need to make it easier to get into a home they love.

For Sellers

With Zillow Offers™, now available in major markets across the nation and continuing to expand, homeowners can request a cash offer to sell their home to Zillow on their timeline, hassle-free. Zillow Offers simplifies selling — bypassing home prep, showings and open houses. Sellers choose a flexible closing date, from a week to 90 days of signing the offer.

We make competitive offers and charge a service fee to sellers, which averages between 6% and 9%. If the seller accepts the offer, the purchase of the property is closed using a local Zillow Premier Agent. We then make appropriate repairs and updates, such as a fresh coat of paint, HVAC repairs or basic landscaping, and resell the home using a local Zillow Premier Agent.

If customers start down the Zillow Offers path but decide to list traditionally, we can help connect them with a local Zillow Premier Agent to represent them on the open market.

For Buyers

In select markets, home shoppers can also now purchase a home directly from Zillow Offers. Buyers who choose a Zillow-owned home are able to pick a move-in date of their choice and can feel confident that Zillow has made the necessary repairs to ensure the home is safe and move-in ready.

We also connect buyers and sellers with trusted customer service-focused agents in their local markets through our Zillow Premier Agent program. Zillow Premier Agents must uphold customer experience standards in the areas of responsiveness, knowledge and overall service quality.

For Renters

Zillow Rentals makes it easy for renters to search, request tours, apply, and pay rent through the Zillow platform. Renters can submit applications through Zillow and proactively process their credit and background checks to streamline their application process.

Zillow Rentals platform integrates with other property management back-end solutions, making the listing experience easier for landlords or property managers.

For Borrowers

Getting a mortgage is often the hardest, most complicated part of buying a home, and we offer customers multiple options to pursue mortgage financing for their transaction.

Zillow Home Loans, our affiliate lender, provides customers with an easy option to get pre-approved and secure financing for their next home purchase. Borrowers can also choose to shop around on Zillow’s affiliated online mortgage marketplace to find the best rate and mortgage provider when they buy or refinance.