Zillow for Good

People. Community. Home.

Zillow for Good embraces home as the heartbeat: central and essential to life.

Zillow invests in partnerships, research and products that impact people’s lives for the better.

Business & Product Investment

With every business decision — whether it involves the research we develop, the products we create or the technical expertise we share with our nonprofit partners — we are intentional about the impact of our work, and we strive to advance important issues around housing.

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Employee Engagement

Zillow employees are inspired to help make positive changes in their communities. We’re volunteering with nonprofit partners and raising our hands to come up with creative solutions that have a positive social impact. With a workforce of more than 5,000 employees, that means a lot of good things are happening.

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Research, Education & Advocacy

We prioritize showing up in our communities as a partner and participating in local government and community efforts to tackle important issues like homelessness, housing affordability and fair housing. We use our platform, data and research to help educate and advocate for our customers, communities and partners.

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Charitable Giving

We believe in driving meaningful change through intentional partnerships — and we listen, walk alongside and provide financial support for partners in our communities whose work aligns with our social impact mission to prioritize people, community and home.

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