iBuyer Report

Homeowners sold 21,523 homes using an instant buying service, commonly known as an iBuyer, between October and December 2021. That represents 1.7% of all home sales during that time.

Key iBuyer stats

Homeowners used an iBuying service to sell 21,523 homes in Q4, the second-highest total of any quarter on record. iBuyers sold 21,398 homes during the quarter. Of homes that were bought and sold by an iBuyer in Q4, the median markup — the difference between the purchase price and sale price — was 1.1%.

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iBuying defined

Instant buyers, commonly known as iBuyers, are home-buying-and-selling services that typically buy off-market homes directly from sellers at market rate and, after making light repairs and updates, quickly list them for sale on the open market.

iBuyers and how they fit into the real estate mix

The geography of iBuying

The metro areas with the most home sales using an iBuying service in Q4 were Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte and Houston.

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