7-Year-Old Superhero Visits Zillow

Zillow teamed up with Make-A-Wish to help one brave boy save Seattle from the evil Bobby Poppins.

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Don’t fear, Seattleites. Red Lightning has saved the city’s sound!

To fulfill the wish of Nick, a 7-year-old with leukemia, Zillow joined with the city of Seattle and Make-A-Wish® to help him channel his inner superhero.

After the evil, boy-band obsessed Bobby Poppins stole iconic Seattle music by Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, Dave Mathews and even Macklemore, Red Lightning hit the streets in search of the villain.

At approximately 1:45 p.m., Red Lightning entered Russell Investments Center at Second Avenue and Union Street.

The crowd cheered as soon as they spotted the superhero’s shiny, red cape.

But the question remained: Where was the evil Bobby Poppins? Using his super powers, Red Lightning figured out the secret hideout of Bobby’s assistant, Kitty Catch. On the 34th floor of Zillow headquarters, he found her seated at her throne overlooking Puget Sound.

Kitty refused to disclose Bobby’s location, but Red Lightning used his super powers once again to figure out the villain was hiding at Seattle’s Underground Tour.

The man in red raced to finish his mission, proving heroism comes in all sizes and against all odds.

You can follow his latest move on Twitter with the hashtag #RedLightning. To participate in other great causes, check out Zillow’s job page. We’re hiring!