‘Confident in who you are’: Finding meaningful work and connection at Zillow

How Zillow works to create a culture of inclusion for all employees

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Jazzy Cantrell loves it when people ask her where she works. Why? Because it seems that everyone she meets has a Zillow® story. And for many, those stories are as inspiring as they are personal — about life-changing journeys and the highs and lows of searching for their dream home.

“The moment I say ‘Zillow,’ it’s going to be a combination of ‘I have the app downloaded,’ ‘I love this app’ or almost always, it’s going to be a story of how Zillow has helped them in their journey in finding a home,” says Cantrell, who is general manager of Zillow Rentals. “If it’s not them specifically, it’s going to be someone they know.”

Carúmey Stevens’ role as a manager for representation and recruiting strategy puts her in touch with a wide variety of employees. “I get to partner with folks across all of Zillow, from comms and branding to data science and engineers to Engagement & Belonging,” she says. The role allows her to help “make home a reality for more and more people by hiring people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. And I love it.”

Cantrell and Stevens share a sense of excitement and gratitude about how their contributions have helped homeowners and renters find home — and this isn’t by accident. Zillow has, and continues to work toward, a goal of creating a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it represents, together with a culture of inclusion and empowerment for its employees. One way the company supports this mission is through its nine employee resource groups (ERGs), which are employee-led groups that offer an inclusive space for self-identifying members and allies to share common interests, develop relationships and offer professional development opportunities. 

To date, more than 41% of Zillow employees belong to one or more of these groups. These networks include Asian Pacific Islander, Black/African Ancestry (Billow), Able and Differing Abilities (ADAPT), Latinx/Hispanic, Pride, ZG Over 40, Veterans, Women’s Impact and Indigenous Peoples.

Brandyn McElroy, senior manager for Quality Programs and co-chair of Billow, says these groups are important and serve as a powerful point of connection for people at Zillow. “In a Cloud HQ structure, the ERGs can support you in being comfortable and confident in who you are and what you bring to the table — all while encouraging you to learn and grow with like-minded peers.

“How can you feel seen? ERGs,” he says. “They are a phenomenal tool to gain visibility and connect with others in your community or one you may be interested in being an ally to.”  

For Kerwin Smith, a principal product manager, the community of Zillow employees is key:  “I take pride in the fact that I get to work with a talented team to deliver immersive, AI-powered experiences that simplify and accelerate getting people into their next home.”

“Just like any job, there’s good days, there’s bad days, there’s better days, there’s best days,” says Cantrell. “Those days make every single day worth it. And that’s why I continue to work here, why I’ve been here for eight and a half years.”

To see what Billow and other ERG groups are up to, check out @zillowgrouplife on Instagram for regular updates and event photos. To learn more about Zillow’s commitments and goals in fostering an equitable and diverse workplace, visit our Engagement & Belonging page.