How to get the best out of the Zillow Immerse app on Apple Vision Pro

A guide to an immersive and interactive new way to tour homes virtually

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The new Zillow® ImmerseSM app for Apple Vision Pro will change the way you think about home shopping. It provides an incredibly realistic, immersive virtual tour of for-sale listings that have been optimized for Apple’s new spatial computing computer. 

Instead of scrolling through two-dimensional pictures, the Zillow Immerse app drops you inside a for-sale home, giving you a panoramic 3D view of every room, from the ceiling to the floor. You can virtually walk down hallways and pop your head into closets, all while using an AI-generated floor plan as your guide. 

Here’s how to get the most out of the Zillow Immerse app on Apple Vision Pro:

  • Download the Zillow Immerse app.

Apple Vision Pro users can simply download the Zillow Immerse app from the App Store. The Zillow Immerse app is different from the Zillow app in that it provides a more interactive experience by allowing home shoppers to explore listings that are optimized for a spatial experience. These listings are powered by Listing Showcase, an elevated listing experience available only on Zillow.

  • Expand and zoom in on high-resolution images. 

Once you start diving into these super listings in the Zillow Immerse app, you’ll find crystal clear, full-size, high-resolution images to scroll through. Instead of disjointed still pictures, you have the ability to view floor plans side by side with the corresponding photos to help you better understand where each shot was captured. You can then expand these photos to whatever size you would like as well as zoom in for a closer look. 

  • Take a panoramic 3D home tour.

You can get a much deeper, more authentic experience of a home by taking a panoramic 3D home tour. From the moment you virtually walk through the front door, the home wraps around you, filling your entire space with a 360-degree life-size view of each room, each with incredible depth. Look up to see a skylight overhead, look down to the wide-plank hardwood flooring underfoot and turn around to see French doors leading out to a deck. It all feels remarkably close to being inside a home, yet without leaving your couch.

  • Navigate the home with a 3D floor plan model.

One of the key features of the Zillow Immerse experience is the AI-powered interactive floor plan, which helps provide a better understanding of a home’s layout and flow. While taking a 3D home tour, you can pull out a bird’s-eye view of the floor plan. As you take a virtual walk through each room, those spaces light up on the floor plan so you know exactly where you are in the home at all times.  

  • Sell with tech 

Home sellers can also harness the power of this technology to make their listing stand out on Zillow and on the Zillow Immerse app. When a seller is selecting a listing agent, they should ask if the agent has a Listing Showcase subscription. That subscription is the key to creating a visually stunning listing with the interactive media features that buyers are looking for, such as a 3D home virtual tour and interactive floor plan. 

  • Have fun!

The Zillow Immerse app takes the pastime of Zillow surfing to a whole new level. It’s an exhilarating new way to dive into some of the country’s most spectacular listings, beautifully designed spaces and stunning interior photography. It’s a peek into the future of home shopping, and it’s never been more exciting.