How Zillow Gets a Home Ready for Sale


When you see the Zillow logo on a real estate sign, it means the home has gone through a rigorous process to make sure it’s move-in ready for its next owner.

Once Zillow purchases a home through Zillow Offers, Zillow’s field renovations team gets to work.  They check for water leaks, electrical problems, broken windows and other potential issues. The team then makes all the necessary fixes to ensure safety and functionality before the home is offered for sale.

“We’re not flipping homes, we’re not knocking walls down,” says Barton West, a Zillow field renovations manager based in Phoenix.  “We’re here to help create a one-stop seamless process.”

Zillow Offers is designed as a service for home-sellers. By taking over the home preparation and showings, Zillow removes many of the typical stressors that come with selling a home. Zillow has set up field operations teams in 21 markets across the country since last April, when the company began buying and selling homes directly.

The field renovations team does the work any ordinary homeowner would do to get their home ready for sale.  For example, every Zillow-owned home has the floors steam-cleaned or the carpet replaced, and countertop grout lines get a deep cleaning.

“When someone does come to purchase a Zillow home, they are really getting the value and the quality that they look for when they think of Zillow,” says West.

West says he’s met grateful homeowners who sold their homes through Zillow Offers to avoid the stress and hassle associated with a traditional real estate sale.

Zillow Offers is a new way to sell a home that offers convenience, certainty and control.  Homeowners who choose to sell through Zillow Offers can avoid showings, open houses, repairs, and they can set their closing date.

As of Q2 2019, more than 170,000 homeowners have requested an offer on their home through Zillow Offers, and the program is available in 21 markets nationwide.

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