Launched Today: Zillow Brings Rentals App to iPhone and iPod touch

The new Zillow Rentals for iPhone App joins the Zillow Rentals for Android App, which was launched in April.

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If you’re a renter in today’s housing climate, you’re probably familiar with hearing two things:

  1. Rents continue to rise in many markets where home values are still falling.
  2. The rental market is extremely competitive.

As a result, renters are faced with different shopping obstacles than buyers, needing to find and quickly shuffle through several different properties in a short amount of time, all while remembering which ones they like and have contacted.

To ease the pressure for those on the rental watch, today we’ve released the new Zillow Rentals for iPhone App, which joins the Zillow Rentals for Android App launched in April. Designed specifically for renters, the Zillow Rentals App allows users to:

  • Access rental listings and data not found elsewhere, such as Rent Zestimates® – Zillow’s estimated rent prices on more than 100 million U.S. homes and apartments.
  • See what’s in the neighborhood, including grocery stores, coffee shops, schools, parks, gas stations and more.
  • Draw one or more boundaries around neighborhoods to customize and save a search by geography.
  • Use GPS and voice search capabilities to quickly search rental listings in an area.
  • View color-coded results organized by time on the market, so shoppers know which homes are new to the market and which have already been viewed.
  • Compare and contrast favorite homes on a side-by-side list.
  • Instantly contact landlords or property managers by phone or email, and keep track of these contacts.

Searching for a new apartment or home for rent? Give the new Zillow Rentals App a try, and let us know what you think! It’s free to download for iPhone and iPod touch in the iTunes AppStore  starting today, and in the Google® Play store for Android devices, including Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Android Tablet and smartphones.

If you’re not in the market for a rental, Zillow operates the most popular suite of mobile real estate apps with dedicated apps available on every major platform. Find the right Zillow App for you and take your house hunting with you anywhere.