Lender Profile: RoundPoint Mortgage

We spoke with Vice President of Production Edward Powell about responsiveness, home valuations and the power of the online marketplace.

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Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Lender Profile: RoundPoint Mortgage

Zillow has teamed up with the Top Rated Lenders on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace to present the “Pay My Mortgage Sweepstakes.” Through July 29, Zillow users are invited to enter to win $25,000 cash to pay their mortgage!

This week, we’re talking to one of Zillow’s Top Rated Lenders, RoundPoint Mortgage. With more than 2,700 customer reviews and an outstanding rating of 4.5 stars, RoundPoint Mortgage has demonstrated its dedication to the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace community for over three years. We spoke with Vice President of Production Edward Powell about responsiveness, home valuations and the power of the online marketplace.

Zillow: You’ve been a Top Rated Lender on Zillow Mortgage Marketplace for over three years. What is it about your company’s approach to mortgage lending that makes clients want to partner with you?

Powell: Our team commits themselves daily to three core goals: being responsive, transparent and proactive. We take our clients’ ratings and reviews so seriously, in fact, that we forward them to the entire company. When a negative review comes through, we assign a dedicated customer advocate manager to reach out and address whatever ails that client and get the loan back on track.

Zillow: Shopping for a mortgage can be a major life purchase. How can a borrower ensure they get the right rate for their home?

Powell: In the long run, having the right property valuation can make the difference between getting a “no closing cost loan” versus having to bring additional cash to the table. Recently, we had a customer who came to us adamant that they had a larger square footage than their appraiser was giving them credit for. Using a simple Excel spreadsheet, we were able to work hand-in-hand with the client to plot out their home’s property footprint, resulting in a higher valuation, which made the transaction work. These small nuances can have a major impact on the go or no-go decision to make a loan.

Zillow: You’ve helped over 7,000 Zillow customers purchase or refinance their homes to date and are in the process of helping many others. How does being a part of the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace community allow you to offer competitive rates to every borrower you partner with?

Powell: The Zillow Mortgage Marketplace is a model for transparency; it evens the playing field between lenders and rates in a clear and concise way. We are able to offer our clients competitive offers due to our online technology and tools that allow us to wring the cost out of the purchasing process. The result is a lower rate and point combination that adds up to significant savings for our clients.

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