Real estate media software platform Aryeo joins ShowingTime+ to help deliver richer home shopping experiences 

Aryeo acquisition will allow ShowingTime+ to facilitate more immersive, dynamic media for online real estate listings

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Zillow Group acquired Aryeo, a leading real estate media software and content management platform for photographers and media companies founded on the mission to streamline real estate content for those who generate it and consume it. Aryeo’s mission makes it a natural fit with ShowingTime+, Zillow Group’s real estate software brand dedicated to improving the real estate industry for agents, brokers and MLSs, and the customers they serve. Bringing Aryeo into the ShowingTime+ suite enables the brand to serve photographers and media companies directly and invest in the tools they need to create elevated, immersive home shopping experiences for real estate agents and consumers.

Aryeo powers listing media for the industry 

Aryeo’s platform powers thousands of photography and media businesses nationwide, who in turn bring hundreds of thousands of real estate listings to life each year for agents and consumers. Together with Aryeo, ShowingTime+ can do more for the real estate content creators who generate high-quality listing media for the industry.

ShowingTime+ will also use Aryeo to efficiently and seamlessly deliver high-quality, immersive media to agents, including through interactive floor plans and media-forward listing products for agents. ShowingTime+ launched two products for listing preparation and marketing – Listing Media Services and Listing Showcase – this year as part of its efforts to grow rich media adoption by including interactive content with every package an agent orders.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Aryeo to the ShowingTime+ team to help us further our mission to offer elevated real estate experiences,” said Cynthia Taylor, vice president of product and business strategy for ShowingTime+. “We know elevated real estate experiences happen for consumers when the professionals doing the work are empowered with great products that help them deliver these experiences. ShowingTime+ is already doing this for agents, and we’re looking forward to empowering photographers and media companies as well.”

Consumers expect dynamic real estate experiences

Interactive real estate media has become increasingly important to home shoppers and sellers. Virtual tours, interactive floor plans, immersive photos and more all give consumers a deep sense of a home, which helps cut down on time spent touring homes that aren’t a good fit and equips shoppers with more information to help them make decisions – a win for shoppers, sellers, and their agents. 

In fact, sellers and shoppers don’t just want immersive listing content, they expect it — homes on Zillow with an interactive floor plan were saved 79% more than homes without and received 72% more shares on average. And, most home sellers say they are more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours and/or interactive floor plans in their services. 

More rich media for all 

Aryeo was founded in 2019 by former real estate photographers Branick Weix, Matthew Michalski and Brendan Quinlan. They saw firsthand the growing importance of rich listing media for home shoppers and sellers, and the need for software to help independent media companies grow their business and deliver this rich media to their customers.

“When we created Aryeo, our vision was to build the best platform possible to solve photographer and media company pain points and provide easy-to-use tools to help our customers grow,” said Branick Weix, co-founder and CEO of Aryeo. “We’re teaming up with ShowingTime+ because we both believe in building technology that makes the industry better, and we will keep innovating and improving our platform for our customers.”

Aryeo will continue to operate as an independent platform within ShowingTime+, and Aryeo’s privacy policy remains in place. With deepening investment in photographer tools, Aryeo customers can expect feature improvements and partnership opportunities with ShowingTime+ to help them stand out from the competition and win more business. 

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