Review Your Lender for a Chance to Win an iPad

Submit a review for a lender in Zillow’s Directory and get a chance to win an iPad.

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Brion LaPointe is a regular user of Zillow. He’s a tech-savvy guy who formerly worked as a product design engineer for companies such as Apple, Sony and Palm. While considering refinancing his mortgage, LaPointe checked out reviews of lenders on Zillow “to assess user experiences with prospective mortgage brokers” and to ensure he got the lowest fixed interest rate and closing costs available.

LaPointe ended up working with lender Lee Hoff and said Hoff “was a perfect fit for this approach, and the entire process and transaction was completed with the upmost convenience without leaving my residence.”

On May 17, LaPointe submitted a review of Hoff on Zillow and was automatically entered in a drawing for an Apple iPad — which he ended up winning.

Zillow’s goal has always been to empower consumers with information about real estate. We currently have more than 14,000 lender reviews on the site, and these reviews help consumers get quick and candid feedback about a company or real estate professional, helping consumers make easier and faster decisions.

If you’d like to share your experience with your lender and get a chance to win an iPad, submit a review for a lender in Zillow’s Directory.

Here’s how:

  • Hover over the Professionals tab and scroll down to “Review an Agent, Lender or Pro.”

  • Fill out the lender review form.

That’s it! You are now entered to win an iPad.

You can also watch a short video here that walks you through this quick process.

We are currently accepting entries for our next iPad sweepstakes winner, so don’t wait. Submit a review of your lender today!

The full rules of the contest can be found here.