Santa’s house is decked out for the season! Can you spot what’s new in 2021?

Visit the Zillow listing for Santa’s house to find all 11 new additions

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Everyone in Santa’s village has been hard at work preparing for another wonderful holiday season, but the past year has brought some changes at the North Pole. Throughout the village, Santa and his elves have outfitted their homes with 11 new items. How many can you find using the Zillow listing for Santa’s house?

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, the elves put together some helpful hints below. Enjoy the fun, and happy holidays from Zillow! 

  1. Santa lives in the North Pole, so this handy instrument lets him know whether he is staying healthy and cool!

2. Santa’s workshop has moved to a flexible workforce! He uses this to help communicate new toy ideas virtually to the elves.

3. Santa adopted a new best friend this year. The reindeer are starting to get jealous!

4. While Santa is on the go this Christmas Eve, this will help get his hands ready for all the milk and cookies he’ll be eating!

5. During his downtime, Santa uses this to keep his brain active. Let’s hope none of the reindeer knocks it over!

6. After a long day of making toys, Santa and Mrs. Claus love to curl up on the couch and unwind with this movie!

7. Mrs. Clause  got in on this delicious trend. Now the Clauses are really on a roll!

8. It’s time to get comfy and cozy, and Santa is sporting a new suit!

9. This activity will help Santa get in shape for his long night of delivering presents.

10. Santa stocked up on this just in case the village should ever run out.

11. This item is red and round — and no, it’s not Santa!

Answers: Thermometer, laptop with video call, a puppy, hand sanitizer, a puzzle, a Zillow original movie, homemade bread, Santa sweatsuit, stationary bike, toilet paper, tomato plant.