Second Time is the Charm for Colorado Veteran Selling Home to Zillow

Seller Stories: Ken and Susan Patrick


Ken and Susan Patrick are used to packing up and moving cities quickly.  They’ve lived all over the world over their course of their marriage, but every move had been decided by Ken Patrick’s military career or his civilian job as a pilot.

“This next move is going to be an opportunity for us to finally live how we want to live,” said Ken Patrick.

The Patricks are moving from the Denver suburbs to Port Orchard, Washington to be closer to their adult sons in a region they love.  Before they could head west, they had to sell the Colorado home where they raised their family.

Ken Patrick noticed his neighbors had sold their home through Zillow Offers and thought he would request a no-obligation, cash offer from Zillow too.  Zillow conducted a free home evaluation on the Patricks’ house, but the Patricks did not accept Zillow’s offer.

Instead, they had their home painted and repaired what was broken and tried selling their home traditionally.

“It was an inconvenience having people walk through our house and having to keep our house looking like a showroom all the time,” said Ken Patrick.

The couple decided to reach out to Zillow Offers again and they requested a new offer.  This time, the offer was higher, reflecting the improvements the Patricks had made and new comparable sales in their neighborhood.

“What Zillow Offers did was take away the stress, concerns, worries and gave us certainty,” said Ken Patrick.  “It was instrumental in our ability to budget, to plan, to choose our next house and establish our timeline for moving on to the next stage of our lives.”

Zillow Offers is now active in more than 20 markets around the country.  The Patricks are among the 250,000 homeowners who have requested a cash offer on their home directly from Zillow.

Ken and Susan Patrick sold their Denver-area home through Zillow Offers in September 2019.

“Would I do it again?” asked Ken Patrick.  “Absolutely in a heartbeat!”

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