See Most Expensive Homes in the US With Zillow’s Latest Feature

Zillow has compiled the most expensive homes in the U.S. into one place.

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Want a quick snapshot of what the Most Expensive Homes in New York City look like? Or perhaps you want to see luxury homes from the illustrious ZIP code of 90210? We thought so. That’s why Zillow developed a fun eye candy feature, “Most Expensive Homes in “any city, USA.”

see most expensive homes in New York

Take it for a ride. Here are the Most Expensive Listings in Los Angeles, but you can enter any locale you want. From Fargo’s priciest home to the mammoth mansion that tops the list in Dallas, we have it all.

You can navigate to top cities or search any city, state or ZIP code in the U.S. using the search bar:


Happy daydreaming!