Welcome Brad Andersohn to Zillow

Did you know that on Zillow you can do things like:

  • Upload photos of local landmarks and get photo credit
  • Add video and links to your profile
  • Publicly comment on your home or listing’s Zestimate® home value
  • Advertise open house events for free

Over the past five years, Zillow has moved way beyond the Zestimate, and offers real estate professionals countless ways to engage with the 12.5 million people who are visiting the site each month.  And today we are more committed than ever to helping real estate professionals harness this marketing power by providing better training resources.

I am SO excited to announce that the real estate community now has a Zillow training resource in Brad Andersohn!

Brad is a veteran in the real estate industry.  He first got his feet wet working in the title business for over 23 years.  More recently, he’s been very involved with real estate technology companies and has built a stellar reputation of educating industry professionals on how to use technology to augment their business.

Brad will be focused on activities such as conducting webinars for pros, creating helpful video tutorials, and he will be presenting at various industry events.

Connect with Brad on Zillow, Twitter, Facebook, or ActiveRain.

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