Z Speaker Series: GrubHub Co-founders Mike Evans and Matt Maloney (VIDEO)

The co-founders of GrubHub stopped by Zillow employees to give a lunchtime talk.

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Matt Maloney, left, and Mike Evans

Like most companies, GrubHub.com was created to solve a problem. But the problem that GrubHub, in particular, solves is a pretty basic need.

“The story was that we were hungry,” said GrubHub co-founder Matt Maloney.

Co-founders Maloney and Mike Evans stopped by Zillow headquarters recently as part of the Zillow Speaker Series (see the list of our cool speakers below).

GrubHub is the leading food delivery app and website that connects users with local companies that deliver food. Started eight years ago in Chicago by Maloney and Evans, Evans says GrubHub answers the question: “I am here, who will deliver to me?”

Today, the site has a presence in more than 300 cities and the co-founders say the future is strong.

“Once you discover the GrubHub way of life, you don’t go away,” said Maloney.

Their commitment to mobile is one of the reasons for their company’s success.

“Our mobile strategy is yes,” explained Evans. “If you’re sitting on the couch and don’t want to go to the kitchen to cook, you probably don’t want to get up and go to the computer. Placing an order on GrubHub is saying you’re not likely to be productive tonight.”

See the video of the lunchtime chat by GrubHub’s co-founders.

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