Zillow Group Believes Gender Equality Starts with Pay Equity

At Zillow Group, we believe in a simple concept — men and women should be paid equitably for equal work and experience. Unfortunately there is still a persistent gender pay gap in many industries. To close the gender pay gap we all must take meaningful, concrete actions, and that starts with pay equity analysis and action. We are pleased to report that for the third consecutive year, women at Zillow Group make on average $1.01 for every dollar a man with similar skills and experience makes in a comparable role. In conducting this analysis, we don’t just look at gender means and medians, we control for years of experience, location and job type. While maintaining this level of equality is important, and something for which we are extremely proud — we know there is still much more we can do to lead the way with gender equity and overall equality.

Equal Pay Day recognizes the day to which U.S. women must work in the current year to earn as much as men averaged in the prior year.  While this is unsatisfactory, more so is that women of color in the U.S. actually hit the equal pay milestone much later in the year. In an effort to illuminate there is more to do, we are also sharing our gender intersectional pay equity data publicly for the first time. We’re proud of our progress when comparing Zillow Group women of different ethnicities to all men at Zillow Group, and we believe sharing this data publicly will help us remain vigilant in maintaining intersectional pay equality.

Ethnicity  Dollar for Dollar Comparison to All Men at Zillow Group in Comparable Roles
Asian $0.98
Black $1.00
Hispanic $1.03
White $1.01
Other Ethnicity $1.02


Equal pay for equal work and experience is just one piece of the bigger puzzle to achieve gender equality in the workplace. There are still systemic issues across society that we must help solve in order to create access for women to pursue careers with higher pay, such as those in technical fields and leadership roles. This includes supporting organizations that create advancement opportunities and pathways for women to move ahead in their education and careers, and minimizing career barriers through policies like paid parental leave and flexible work schedules.

At Zillow Group, we partner with organizations like Ada Academy, Women Who Code, ALPFA, AfroTech, NSBE, Out & Equal and Grace Hopper; and have developed a K-12 STEM education strategy, to both mentor and hire the next generation of women technologists and leaders. We also know that getting women into roles at Zillow Group is just the first step, and it is important to create a sense of belonging and empowerment in the workplace in order to make sure they grow and thrive in their careers. Employees are helping us with this goal, having formed eight affinity networks for intersectional connection, community, and support; while also offering benefits that support success and advancement at work.

Creating an equitable workplace is a goal that we will never consider completed, and we are committed to learning more about ways to increase equality and continuing to be the best company we can be for our employees and communities.


Dan Spaulding, Chief People Officer, Zillow Group

Rebekah Bastian, Vice President of Community & Culture, Zillow Group

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