Zillow and Moody’s team up to enhance multifamily rental analytics

This new, strategic collaboration will provide more comprehensive rental market data and insights

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Zillow is announcing a collaboration with Moody’s, a leading source of insights on exponential risk and global provider of commercial real estate (CRE) solutions and analytics. This strategic collaboration aims to enrich the data and expert insights offered to both Moody’s customers and Zillow’s multifamily rental partners.

Zillow is expanding multifamily rental data with Moody’s 

Through this collaboration, Zillow’s multifamily rental partners will soon gain access to enhanced reports and analytics, powered by Moody’s comprehensive data and CRE solutions. These insights will empower our partners to optimize their pricing strategies and analyze local economic and demographic trends to help them reduce downtime between leases. 

Starting in July, Zillow will provide rental partners utilizing any of our multifamily advertising packages with a new market report featuring local real estate trends, including rent, vacancy and inventory data for each property based on location. The market reports will automatically be in eligible partners’ Zillow Rentals Ad Manager (ZRAM) accounts. This initial report marks the beginning of ongoing enhancements, with future offerings expected to provide even more detailed insights later this year. 

“Data is key for our multifamily rental partners in managing their properties,” says Michael Sherman, vice president of Zillow Rentals. “Moody’s robust multifamily database and expertise in data analysis make them an ideal partner to help us give multifamily buildings a clearer view of the rental marketplace. We’re excited to offer this initial report and for more valuable insights we’ll be sharing later this year.” 

Amplifying value through collaboration 

By combining the expertise of Zillow and Moody’s, this collaboration amplifies the value delivered to partners and customers at both companies. Beginning this summer, Moody’s CRE offerings will leverage Zillow’s multifamily rental property database to enhance its already expansive market rent and vacancy data tracked across the U.S. This partnership provides greater insights and improved data analyses, offering enhanced value to Moody’s customers. 

“We are excited to bring Moody’s CRE trusted market knowledge and insights to Zillow’s expansive audience, especially within the multifamily rental space,” said Luis Amador, general manager of commercial real estate at Moody’s. “By integrating Zillow’s extensive multifamily rental property data into our CRE data platform, we are not only enhancing the breadth and depth of our market rent and vacancy data but also elevating the value we deliver to our diverse customer base of investors, lenders and brokers. Additionally, this collaboration equips Zillow clients with the robust market intelligence they need to confidently navigate the complexities of the real estate market.”

With more refined and comprehensive data analyses, both Zillow and Moody’s are well-positioned to continue providing leading solutions in the multifamily real estate market. Stay tuned for more updates on how this collaboration will continue to inform and empower the multifamily rental industry, and in the meantime, explore Zillow’s publicly available housing data from our economic research team.