Who do you trust to build your dream home? New Zillow Builder Ratings and Reviews can help

Builder reviews from buyers surveyed at move-in will now be displayed on Zillow Promoted Community listings

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Zillow data suggests more people are considering new construction homes now, compared to before the pandemic hit. Page views for paid new construction listings on Zillow increased dramatically during the spring and summer, with greater than 34% year-over-year growth over the last for 4 months, and were up 81% in July as shoppers continue to show an interest in designing a new home.

But buying a home in a new subdivision or hiring someone to build custom involves a lot of trust, because much of the time, the house is just a concrete slab and a floorplan. That’s one reason why 76% of new construction buyers say a builder’s reputation plays a very or extremely important role in their selection. Zillow’s new Builder Ratings and Reviews feature gives potential buyers the insights they need to select a builder that’s a good fit for their needs.

“Zillow was founded on the core value of ‘turning on the lights,’ arming consumers with the information they need to make what will likely be the biggest purchase decision of their life” says Lucy Wohltman, Vice President of Zillow New Construction. “Builder Ratings and Reviews provides our customers with the confidence to pursue the home of their dreams, and gives our partners the tools they need to manage their reputation.”

Home shoppers can find Builder Ratings and Reviews on all participating builders’ paid new construction listings on Zillow. The information comes from home buyers who are surveyed by Avid Ratings after they move into the home they purchased from the builder. The buyers are asked, among other things, to rate the home’s quality, the confidence they have in the builder and the builder’s responsiveness. Avid Ratings already works with more than 25% of the top home builders in the U.S. and Canada

The buyer feedback cannot be edited or deleted. Builders are encouraged to respond publicly to any reviews directly in the listing. Stanley Martin Homes, which builds communities in six South Atlantic states has collected buyer feedback through the new tool. Ashely Hoyt, Director of Market and Consumer Research at Stanley Martin Homes, says it’s been valuable information. “The surveys provide us with insightful data, helping us work toward delivering the best possible home buyer experience.”