Zillow expands integrated home-buying experience to additional markets 

Los Angeles, Portland, Sacramento and San Diego to become Enhanced Markets

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Zillow is bringing an integrated home-buying experience to life in select areas we call Enhanced Markets. In these markets, we are laying the foundation for customers who come to Zillow to be able to easily move through a traditionally complicated process in a more intuitive and seamless way with the expert guidance of Premier Agent partners and Zillow Home Loans loan officers. 

Financing: A critical first step for buyers

We are starting with tackling the biggest hurdle for home buyers: financing. Understanding financing options is a critical first step for home buyers. Nearly 80% of homes purchased are financed with a mortgage3, and shopping for a mortgage is the starting point for about 40% of all home buyers4

Empowering buyers with integrated financing

With integrated financing, we are weaving together all the crucial components buyers need to successfully finance their next home. Buyers can easily request financing information online and use resources, such as an affordability calculator, to learn more about what their potential monthly mortgage payment may be as they begin to set a budget. They can also seek pre-approval for financing and receive consistent, timely updates on where they are in the process. 

Simplifying touring 

We are also simplifying other parts of the process, including touring in enhanced markets and beyond with Real-Time Touring. In approximately 90 markets nationwide, buyers have access to Real-Time Touring, which makes booking a home tour for a day and time convenient to the buyer, agent and homeowner almost as easy as making an online restaurant reservation. 

A seamless experience for more buyers and partners 

This experience is available in nine enhanced markets, where we have evolved from testing this model to successfully rolling it out with Zillow Premier Agent partners and home buyers. We are continuing to expand this experience and will add four new enhanced markets at the end of February. These markets include Los Angeles; Portland, Oregon; Sacramento; and San Diego. They will be joining Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Raleigh, Charlotte, Durham, Las Vegas, Orlando and Riverside, several of which have been offering the experience since 2022. 

32022 Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers, per the National Association of REALTORS®    

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