Zillow Group Named One of Fortune’s Best Workplace for Parents

For the third straight year, we are honored to announce that Zillow Group has been named one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Parents!

At Zillow Group, our benefits reflect what’s most important to our employees and their families. Our award-winning family benefits program is designed to help mothers, fathers and prospective parents maintain work-life balance and spend plenty of time with their loved ones – not keep them in the office. We are committed to creating a workplace that is compatible with having a family by offering such benefits as:

  • Sixteen weeks of paid maternity leave
  • Eight weeks of paid parental leave, including foster and adoptive parents
  • Free breast milk shipping for working mothers on business trips
  • Fully equipped nursing rooms with hospital-grade pumps and fridges
  • $10,000 per employee toward adoption-related expenses
  • $1,000 “Baby Bucks” to help new parents (including foster parents) purchase the essentials
  • Infertility care fully covered under Zillow Group’s health care plan
  • Backup childcare
  • Generous time off to help in those unexpected times like doctors’ appointments, early soccer practice pickup, sick kids, as well as many other moments that come with being a parent.

But don’t take it from us, here are what some of our employees say about being a working parent at Zillow Group

“Zillow Group was the first place I ever felt that I could excel in my career while being a great mom – without compromise. With access to backup daycare, amazing family health coverage, great maternity benefits, and flexible schedules, I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. After my daughter visited for Kids Day of Engineering, I’m pretty sure she thinks we just play games and eat candy all day. Thanks to Zillow Group, we even enjoy a family gym membership after hours. Zillow Group is truly one of the best places to work, just ask my 3-year-old!”

“Zillow Group is an amazing place to work. As a mom, I’m empowered to do my best work when I’m in the office and to spend quality time with my son in the evenings. Plus, I feel like I have the space to bring my identity as a parent to work.”

“Part of the reason I wanted to work at Zillow Group was due to its stellar family benefit package.  It was also an unexpected surprise and delight to find that there’s also a really active network of parents (across multiple offices) sharing parenting feedback and experiences. We’re able to candidly discuss topics from co-sleeping to how we balance work and home life.”

Looking to join our team? Find out more about current roles at Zillow Group here!

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