How a Family Took the Stress Out of a Cross-Country Move


Seller Stories: Brandon and Amie Mason

Brandon and Amie Mason had a dream that turned into a four-year plan.  Once their youngest son graduated from high school, they would move their family from the Dallas suburbs to the Seattle area.

They had fallen in love with the culture and diversity of the Emerald City during trips to visit Amie’s family in the Pacific Northwest.  When Brandon got a job in Seattle in early 2019, the plan was in motion – with one big hitch.  The family had to time the sale of their home with their cross-country move.

“We’ve been fortunate to put houses on the market that sold quickly and that was our expectation with the Texas home,” said Brandon Mason. “But that didn’t work out.”

The home lingered on the market, and with Brandon having relocated to Seattle, Amie was left in Texas to manage last-minute showings and open houses.  When their son, Miles, graduated high school early, the Dallas-area house was the only thing keeping their family apart.

That’s when the Masons turned to Zillow Offers to sell their home quickly and bring the family back together in Seattle.

Zillow Offers is new way for sellers to sell their home that is convenient, stress-free, and on their own timeline.  Demand for a more certain and predictable sale has been so strong that Zillow has plans to bring the program to 26 markets by mid-2020.

“It was all said and done in literally a week’s time,” said Brandon Mason.  “Now that we’re done, we’re moving on to the next chapter.  Not only was the Zillow Offer a fair offer, it gave us peace of mind and it was a relief for everyone involved.”

Brandon and Amie Mason sold their Dallas area home to Zillow Offers in June of 2019. 

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