Zillow Speaker Series: TrueCar’s Scott Painter (VIDEO)

TrueCar CEO Scott Painter stopped by Zillow's Seattle headquarters.

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TrueCar CEO Scott Painter stopped by Zillow’s Seattle headquarters to talk about TrueCar and the transformation the online company underwent last year.

Created to bring transparency to the auto-buying process, TrueCar faced intense backlash from car dealers last year. Painter and his company made the decision to engage with dealers while still maintaining their commitment to their consumers.

“Our premise was never to be the Walmart of cars but be an intelligent marketplace for the buyer and seller,” explained Painter. “Our intent is to bring the dealer and consumer on more equal footing.”

It took six months, but TrueCar has built itself back up and continues to bring real transaction data to consumers.

And it’s clear that what it does is important; Painter says the scrutiny the company faced last year only proves TrueCar’s relevancy. Watch the full talk here.

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