Zillow’s First 10 Years: A Video Timeline

From blastoff to 10 years, in the blink of a video.

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Take a ride through Zillow’s first decade — a 10-year blast through the world of property records, home values and listing data to, as co-founder Rich Barton puts it, “turn on the lights in the room and empower everybody to make better decisions about something really important to them.”

“It was just mind-boggling that there was no website that did this,” co-founder Lloyd Frink told GeekWire.

It’s been a rocket ride full of exciting moments, from the launch of Zestimates® on 40 million homes in February 2006, to Zillow’s IPO in July 2011, to CEO Spencer Rascoff holding a Social Media Town Hall with President Obama in August 2013.

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