As Chief Economist of Zillow Group, Svenja leads the company’s industry-leading economic research team, a recognized source of impartial, data-driven analysis on the U.S. housing market. She also oversees Zillow Group’s behavioral science team and macroeconomics analysis.

Under Svenja’s leadership, Zillow produces monthly analysis on housing trends for more than 800 U.S. metro areas – down to the ZIP code level – as well as original research on housing-related topics such as housing affordability, home design trends, housing policy impact, and housing market forecasts.

Prior to joining Zillow in 2011, Svenja was an assistant economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, before which she was an economic, financial and strategy analyst for Analysis Group. Svenja earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Rochester, a Master of Arts in economics from New York University, a Master of Science in business administration from the University of Rochester, and a doctorate in finance from the University of Rochester.