Update on Zillow Listings and the Switch to IDX Feeds


Update: January 21 – Our teams are hard at work to fix these issues. Today, all past sales should be restored to agent profiles, and we expect to restore active listings to agent profiles in the next two weeks. This post will be updated with the latest information on the fixes in progress and changes you can expect to see with corresponding timelines. Thank you again for your patience and partnership.

Industry partners,

As you may know, last week we transitioned to IDX feeds as we work to streamline listing data on Zillow. This is part of our mission to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive listing information possible to our more than 200M unique monthly visitors. Joining local boards and MLSs to source listing data, and then migrating Zillow and Trulia to receive IDX feeds, are important steps in this work — and like all change, the transition has not come without some speed bumps. We’re aware of bugs in this transition that are impacting agent profiles on Zillow in some markets, causing listings and past sales to no longer link to an agent profile (although current listings are still searchable on Zillow). We’re also aware that partners in a few markets are experiencing issues with photo order or inaccurate open house times.

First, we are sorry for the repercussions you may have felt from your members who rely on their Zillow profile, hard-earned sales history and current listings to win potential clients. Second, we want to be transparent about what’s happening, and let you know we are working around the clock to make things right. Here’s more on how we’re actively working to resolve these issues:

Listings and sales history linking to agent profiles

Your active listings are still on Zillow for customers to see, but may not be showing up on individual profiles. With our switch to IDX, listings and past sales are connected to agent profiles based on matching email addresses. Missing listings or past sales are not appearing on profiles because the email address associated with the listing is not provided by affected MLSs. 

Again, we know seeing past sales and current listings disappear from some profiles was alarming. This data is not lost, and still shows up in customer searches. We anticipate past sales will be restored by January 26, with active listings appearing on profiles within the following two weeks. 

Listing data inaccuracies

In a few markets, our MLS partners are seeing issues with stale data, mismatched photos or other listing inaccuracies. We are working directly with each MLS to identify the problems and prioritize solutions on our end. We know these problems directly impact MLS members and clients’ information and capabilities on Zillow sites and we’re committed to solving them quickly. 

Our commitment to you

Accurate and comprehensive data is central to our mission to simplify and streamline real estate transactions and deliver a more integrated experience to customers. Our Premier Agent and industry partners are a critical part of that vision. We believe moving to IDX will create a better experience on our platform for your members: driving successful home searches for buyers, greater exposure for sellers, and creating more opportunity for you, our partners in the industry.

For more information, please visit our FAQ.

Thank you for your patience and continued partnership while we work together to move real estate forward. 

Susan Daimler, Senior Vice President
Zillow Premier Agent

Curt Beardsley, Vice President
Zillow MLS Partnerships