Empowering home buyers in today’s market

Buying a home is hard. In a new campaign, Zillow shows how its technology and services offer support for home buyers — every step of the way.

Inventory shortages, fluctuating mortgage rates and high rents make it challenging for home shoppers to achieve their dream of becoming homeowners. Zillow is a one-stop shop for home buyers, offering more than just a place to dream, but real solutions and resources for financing, finding and buying a home. In a new campaign, we highlight the ways our technologies and services help buyers overcome these challenges, helping more of them find a home they love.

Zillow Rentals’ first-ever ad campaign dedicated to multifamily rentals 

As the peak leasing season approaches, Zillow Rentals is launching its first-ever national multichannel advertising campaign dedicated to apartment seekers. The initiative aims to showcase the extensive variety of apartments and renter-centric features available on Zillow Rentals, helping to draw even more potential tenants to the #1 most visited rental network. Whether apartment seekers are browsing at home or touring virtually while in line for an acai bowl, Zillow offers tools and filters for everything from pet-friendly spaces to outdoor areas.

  • The campaign is guided by comprehensive research into the needs and preferences of apartment seekers, targeting mostly younger and diverse audiences; among them, 67% earn below $50,000 annually, start their search 2-4 months in advance, and prioritize affordability (83%).
  • The initiative emphasizes multifamily properties and showcases essential tools such as 3D tours, detailed floor plans, and high-quality photos, enabling renters to make informed decisions.
  • Zillow is also launching a social-specific effort in collaboration with content creators and production partners to ensure our content is optimally engaging for the digital audience.

Zillow’s new ads debut NEW tool to help address affordability 

Affordability remains the foremost challenge in today’s real estate market. To help, Zillow is introducing BuyAbility in its latest ads –  a NEW tool designed to give homebuyers a clear picture of their buying power in real-time, right when they need it most, and turns “can I afford it?” into “let’s do this!” 

  • Unlike your usual affordability calculator: With BuyAbility, buyers simply input a few unique details —like income and credit score— and within seconds, they receive a personalized, real-time estimate of the home price and monthly payment that fits their budget, along with insights into their likelihood of mortgage approval at this price point.
  • Why does this matter? Understanding what they can afford is a top concern for buyers. It’s critical for them to know their budget before they start shopping. If mortgage rates change, it impacts what they can afford, and BuyAbility will adjust for this in real-time – a buyer could go from affording $40k more if rates drop from 7% to 6%. 

Zillow, in collaboration with creative powerhouse 72andSunny LA, is rolling out two new ads under the creative platform “Home Just Got Real” to highlight the new BuyAbility tool. The spots don’t just acknowledge the twists and turns of affordability in today’s real estate market; they shine a spotlight on Zillow’s transformation into a Housing Super App and how Zillow is there to support buyers and renters at every stage of their journey getting home.

Knowing your buying power is empowering: see here. Buyers can get started on the Home Loans tab on Zillow’s app.¹

Zillow Draft House presented by the LA Rams

Zillow’s cutting-edge AI technology is powering a new partnership with the LA Rams, giving NFL fans a new way to immerse themselves in the Zillow Draft House in Hermosa Beach, CA.

“This partnership is where cutting-edge real estate technology meets the excitement of football. As the Rams transformed the Draft experience for their fans, we’re reshaping how home shoppers explore real estate. The Zillow Draft House in Hermosa Beach isn’t just a venue; it’s where dreams become reality, and rookies find their new home.”

— Beverly Jackson, VP of Brand and Product Marketing at Zillow

Zillow’s latest brand campaign: Home just got real

Zillow’s latest brand campaign, rooted in the creative platform “Home Just Got Real,” celebrates the victories of today’s buyers while acknowledging their distinctive challenges, whether it’s securing the winning offer on a home or obtaining the ideal house for a family with furry friends.

In partnership with creative agency 72andSunny, the campaign highlights Zillow’s housing super app, which meets buyers where they are and empowers them to execute the home-buying experience successfully. The campaign will roll out across TV, digital and social channels, cinema, Zillow-owned channels and several targeted brand partnerships throughout Q2 and Q3. This is the first campaign that Canvas Worldwide, Zillow’s newly appointed media agency of record, is working on, utilizing advanced data analytics, digital-first strategies, and innovative media tie-ups to drive engagement and business results.

“There’s no way around it: Buying a home today is challenging, so it was important that we approach this campaign from a place of authenticity and empathy to show the unfiltered reality of what it takes to get home. From the initial spark of possibility to the ultimate triumph of securing a home, we wanted buyers to feel empowered knowing Zillow can give them the confidence and resources to navigate their unique path to homeownership.”

— Jen Berger, vice president, Creative & Performance Media at Zillow
Zillow has expanded its range of solutions to assist buyers on their journey in today’s market. Discover our diverse products, services and trusted partners that help individuals get home:

¹Available on iOS only, with Android launching later this year.