New Zillow data shows Listing Showcase helps agents win more listings, sell homes faster and earn more money for clients

Listing agents can deliver more value to their clients while also growing their business

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Listing Showcase is an unparalleled, AI-powered premium listing experience available only on Zillow®. It was developed for agents to help them deliver the kind of client service and marketing exposure that wins more business — just in time for the spring selling season. A new analysis has uncovered powerful results: Showcase helps agents win more listings and sell homes faster while netting more money for their sellers.

The key to more listings, great results¹

  • Agents who offer Listing Showcase as part of their marketing suite are winning 20% more listings than similar non-Showcase agents.
  • Showcase listings on Zillow are almost 20% more likely to go pending in the first 14 days, compared to similar non-Showcase listings on Zillow.
  • Showcase listings on Zillow sell for 2% more — that’s $9,000 more on a home sold at the average home sales price in the United States.

We’ve heard from listing agents time and time again that the elevated experience offered by Listing Showcase helped them come out on top when competing to win a listing. In these instances, sellers choose the agent’s expertise and clearly understand the impact of having their home stand out on the most visited real estate site² and no. 1 U.S. residential real estate app.³

With an influx of sellers and a competitive spring housing market, there’s more opportunity for real estate agents to demonstrate the value they bring to their clients. Products like Listing Showcase on Zillow help agents differentiate their services and deliver tangible results for sellers.

“I went for a listing presentation and was the 18th agent the sellers interviewed,” said Jake Mullins, president and managing broker at Dwelli in the Atlanta metro area. “I explained my marketing packages and showed them how I could help them stand out on Zillow with Showcase — and it stopped them in their tracks. They chose me to list their home.” 

What sets Showcase listings apart

Showcase listings prominently display the listing agent’s name, bio and brand throughout the listing to help the agent stand out. For extra brand recognition in the agent’s local market, each Showcase listing is featured in a dedicated email to interested shoppers, together with the Showcase agent’s name and brokerage. 

For interested shoppers, Showcase listings are designed to give a deeper understanding of the home before ever stepping inside. High-resolution scrolling hero images, room-by-room photo organization, interactive floors plans, a floor-plan map overlay and other features come together in a beautiful, AI-powered listing unlike anything online today. These elevated, media-forward listings are easily found on Zillow because of their special search markers and tags. And Showcase listings are automatically integrated into the Zillow ImmerseSM app for Apple Vision Pro for an even more interactive shopping experience.

Showcase is just getting started 

Listing Showcase became available to agents nationwide earlier this year. Agents can sign up today to begin offering Showcase to win more listings. And with more features to come — including media enhancements and upgraded Showcase agent profiles — agents can soon get even more out of their Showcase experience. 

Zillow and ShowingTime+SM are investing in technology to provide sellers and listing agents with tech-enabled products and services that make selling homes easier. Tools like Showcase highlight a home’s best features while also giving agents an opportunity to elevate their brand presence on Zillow and grow their business. 

Are you an agent who wants to offer the elevated Showcase listing experience and start winning more business?

ShowingTime+ is Zillow Group’s real estate technology suite, providing products and services to help real estate professionals streamline their businesses and deliver elevated experiences to their customers.

Note: The statements, opinions and thoughts presented above reflect the real experience of a Listing Showcase customer. This individual’s account has been voluntarily provided, and the customer has not received compensation, financial or otherwise, in exchange for these statements. This account reflects one customer’s experience, which is unique and individual, and experiences may vary per customer. Jake Mullins is a current member of Listing Showcase’s Advisory Board.

¹All claims are based on the data available here.
²Comscore data for the year ended December 31, 2023.
³ data for January-December 2023.