New ‘Bike Score’ feature helps you gauge a home’s ‘bikeability’

Zillow® home listings now include Bike Score® to help people find homes that fit their lifestyles

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You’ve found your dream home on Zillow – but if you lived there, could you ride your bike to work? Pedal to the grocery store? Go for an evening workout spin? That information is now easy to find, thanks to a newly launched feature on Zillow, Bike Score, which helps home shoppers and renters more easily gauge whether a home is a good match for their lifestyle.

Bike Score measures bikeability of a home on a scale of 1-100, based on four components: the presence of bike lanes and trails nearby, the nearby hills, destinations and road connectivity, and the number of bikers currently in the area. The highest-scoring homes – those rating a 90-100 – are a “biker’s paradise,” meaning that daily errands can be accomplished on a bike. At the other end of the spectrum are homes rated “somewhat bikeable,” scoring below 50 with minimal bike infrastructure.

Bike Score’s integration within Zillow listings was developed as part of an internal “hack week.” It’s one of the latest features created by Walk Score® – including Transit Score® and Walk Score  – that have been added to Zillow listings to give people greater insight into what it would actually be like living in different homes and neighborhoods, arming them with the information they need to find the home of their dreams. Bike Score is located under the “neighborhood details” tab of many home listings, including apartments and condominiums, on Zillow.


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