Zillow and BARK name America’s most dog-obsessed cities

Zillow Rentals shares tips for a stress-free move with your dog

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Zillow Rentals has teamed up with BARK, creators of BarkBox, to dig up the top dog-obsessed cities across the nation. The analysis dives into Zillow’s data on pet-friendly apartments and BARK’s data on BarkBox and Super Chewer subscribers to reveal fascinating trends about where America’s dogs are living their best lives.

Pet-friendly rentals are more important than ever, with 59% of renters reporting they have at least one pet, and with 40% having a dog in 2023, according to Zillow data. This is a significant increase from 2019, when only 46% of renters had a pet and 31% had a dog. And the need for such rentals is clear: Twice as many renters filter for pet-friendly listings than for any other amenity on the Zillow website. Even in New York City — where apartments can sometimes be tight for even one human — “pets allowed” is the second-most-used rental search filter, according to Zillow’s NYC brand StreetEasy.

Nationwide, 55% of rental listings on Zillow are advertised as pet-friendly, but the cities on our list all surpass this average, reflecting their higher level of dog-friendliness. While there are many cities where dogs are living the dream, three Texas cities lead the pack for their exceptional love and accommodations for canines:

  1. Dallas: In Dallas, 79% of rental listings on Zillow indicate they allow pets, significantly higher than the national average, making it a paradise for dog owners. According to BARK, popular dog breeds include golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers.
  2. Austin: Austin stands out with 77% of apartments being pet-friendly. The city’s trails and lake access make it ideal for dogs, especially for Labradors and golden retrievers.
  3. San Antonio: With 3 out of every 4 rentals welcoming pets, San Antonio stands out as an exceptionally dog-friendly city. Labradors and German shepherds are the predominant breeds here.

Check out the full list of the top 10 dog-obsessed cities

CityShare of rentals that allow pets Most popular breedsMost popular dog names
1. Dallas, TX79%Golden retriever, Labrador retrieverBella, Charlie
2. Austin, TX77%Labrador retriever, golden retrieverWinston, Charlie
3. San Antonio, TX75%Labrador retriever, German shepherdAthena, Bailey
4. Charlotte, NC75%Golden retriever, Labrador retrieverBailey, Bella
5. Indianapolis, IN74%American pit bull terrier, Labrador retrieverBear, Bella
6. Denver, CO72%Labrador retriever, golden retriever Bella, Charlie
7. New York, NY72%French bulldog, golden retrieverArchie, Charlie
8. Phoenix, AZ71%American pit bull terrier, Australian shepherdBear, Bella
9. Seattle, WA70%American pit bull terrier, Australian shepherd Bailey, Charlie
10. Jacksonville, FL69%American pit bull terrier, Australian shepherd Bear, Bella

Tips for moving with your furry friend

Moving can be a stressful experience, especially when pets are involved. To ensure a seamless transition to a new apartment with your dog, here are Zillow’s top four tips:

  • Streamline your search: When looking to sign a new lease, save time by using the Zillow Rentals filter to find pet-friendly apartments. This tool allows you to specify the size of your dog, from tiny dachshunds to huge Saint Bernards, ensuring your furry friend is welcome. 
  • Scout ahead: Before the move, take some time to explore potential neighborhoods. Look for local dog parks and vet accessibility. This can help ensure the area suits both your and your dog’s needs. 
  • Pack a pet essentials bag: Don’t pack away your pup’s favorites! Keep their food, water, toys and grooming tools handy. This will help keep them comfortable and calm throughout the moving process.
  • Update their info: As soon as you move, update the address on your dog’s tags and microchip. This is crucial to ensuring their safety, in case they ever wander off in the new environment.

With dog-friendly apartment options at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your furry friend, and monthly fun toys and treats from BarkBox are perfect for keeping tails wagging. 

For more detailed tips on relocating with pets, check out our comprehensive Moving with Pets guide to ensure your pet’s move is as stress-free as yours is. 

How we did it

To determine the country’s most dog-obsessed cities, Zillow and BARK developed a weighted index using two key data points: Zillow data on pet-friendly rentals in the largest 25 cities by population size in the U.S., and BARK’s data compiled from subscription data for BarkBox and Super Chewer. After establishing the ranking of cities, we further enriched our analysis by incorporating BARK’s insights into the most popular dog names and breeds in each city.