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What to Expect in 2020: Zillow’s Housing Predictions

In the dawn of the 2020s, Zillow predicts a more stable market and for Millennials’ housing tastes to begin to make an impact. Zillow’s housing predictions for 2020: Homes will continue to shrink. Zillow expects the median square footage of newly built, single-family homes will fall for the fourth time in five years as the […]

Zillow Research: Older Renters are More Financially Vulnerable Than Younger Generations

With a lifetime of earnings potential behind them, you might expect older folks to be more secure financially than their children or grandchildren. But according to a new Zillow survey, older renters are more often financially vulnerable than those in younger generations. As a whole, renters – those who moved in the past year and […]

VA Loan Benefit Can Mean Big Savings for Military Households

At a time when homes are more expensive than ever in many markets across the U.S., taking advantage of Veterans Affairs (VA) loan benefits can save military and veteran households about $20,000 on average over the life of a 30-year mortgage, and much more in some metros. Backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA […]

Inventory Gains Were Erased During the 2019 Home Shopping Season

Inventory gains built up over six months in 2018 and early 2019 were wiped out completely – and then some – during this year’s home shopping season as inventory has fallen to its lowest level since at least 2013. The housing trends that we’ve seen for much of the spring and summer months continued into […]

What $1 Million Can Buy in Today’s Housing Market

For $1 million, you could be new owner of a 1938 Superman comic book, a Porsche 918 Spyder, or a 35-carat diamond ring. What that same $1 million will get you as a home shopper can range widely – from a one-bedroom condo to a mansion – depending on where you are. The standard for […]

Latinx Homeownership Rate Growing Nationally, But Inequity Persists

  Unaffordability and racial inequity combined since the start of the last century to compound a gap between the Hispanic and white homeownership rates. The homeownership rate gap sat at 25.8 percentage points just four years ago. Despite recent gains, the gap — sitting at 24.7 percentage points in 2018 — would take decades to […]

Zillow Research: How Debt Impacts Home Buying

Personal debt – particularly credit card, student loan and medical – tremendously impacts the type and features of home someone can afford, their timeline for buying, their ability to afford an adequate down payment and, ultimately, whether or not they are approved for a mortgage. Aspiring home buyers with medical debt are more likely than […]