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Pro Forma 2014 Agent Advertiser Count and ARPA

Zillow Group presented Q2 2015 financial results earlier today. In the table below, you will find estimates of our PRO FORMA 2014 agent advertiser count and average revenue per agent advertiser, or ARPA. Zillow Group 2014 Quarterly Pro Forma Metrics   Metric Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Notes Agent Advertisers 82,912 91,547 99,020 102,087 (1) (2) ARPA $284 […]

Zillow Group’s Class C Capital Stock — Share Calculations

Today, Zillow Group announced a stock dividend of non-voting Class C capital stock. In the table below, you will find estimates of our outstanding shares and diluted weighted-average shares after the ex-dividend date, August 17, 2015. (millions) Pre-Dividend Post-Dividend Notes Class A shares 52.8 52.8 (1) Class B shares 6.2 6.2 (1) Class C shares 0 118.0 (2) […]


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