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Zillow Group CEO Rich Barton Featured on NPR’s “How I Built This with Guy Raz”

On June 14, National Public Radio published an hour-long interview with Zillow Group CEO Rich Barton. “How I Built This with Guy Raz,” the most popular business podcast in the United States, tells the stories behind “some of the world’s best-known companies.” 

“When the site launched in 2006, so many people tried to look up their home-value ‘Zestimates’ that the site crashed within hours,” NPR wrote in its description of the episode. “By 2020, pandemic-era interest in housing saw Zillow accessed almost 10 billion times.”

Among the highlights from the interview, Barton said, “Our dream right from the start was to bring e-commerce to real estate…and to take all this kind of frustration and inefficiency and scariness out of the transaction.” 

Barton also explained that, during the company’s founding, he and others felt that, “If we could somehow have a rich database of pricing information [to] enable a new kind of digital marketplace, we knew we were at the nexus of something important.”

As he discussed the company’s current focus, he said that “We’re just trying to give consumers a better experience and let them choose the door they want to go through. And we’re there to help them no matter how they want to do it.”

Hear the full interview at https://www.npr.org/2021/06/11/1005526927/expedia-zillow-rich-barton 

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